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Miracle Power Tool Ver 2.6 Fix Devision By Zero Fix


Features OF Miracle Power Tool Ver 2.6

Miracle Power Tool is a comprehensive software suite that allows users to perform a wide range of operations on their smartphones. With the latest update, Ver 2.6, released on 15th April 2023, Miracle Power Tool is more powerful and useful than ever before.

Samsung FRP [MTP] Supported All Security Patch Android 2022-2023 has been added to Miracle Power Tool. This feature makes it easier to bypass the FRP (Factory Reset Protection) on Samsung devices. Additionally, Menu #0# Android 13 and other models are now supported.

There are many new features added to Miracle Power Tool Ver 2.6 that enhance its usability for Spreadtrum and Unisoc devices. These include Write Super Flash for MDM Unlock and the ability to Select Unselect Option Write Firmware. The tool now also supports Read Info, Reset FRP, FRP + Format, Safe Format, Format Userdata, Deep Format, and Option to use Custom FDL. In terms of IMEI Repair (DIAG), the tool now supports Generic Phone, while the Switch DIAG Function has been improved.

Moreover, Miracle Power Tool Ver 2.6 now supports several new models in FDL mode, including:
Generic Just Select CPU
Generic SC7731 V8
Generic SC7731E Sign V2
Generic SC7731E Sign V4
Generic SC9832E V1
Generic SC9832E V2
Generic SC9832E V3
Generic SC9863A SIGN V3
Generic SC9863A Sign V4
Generic SC7731 V2
Generic SC7731 V7
Generic SC9863A SIGN V2
Generic UMS 512 Tiger T610

New Unisoc/Spreadtrum 80+ Models Added, including:
Tianyi TYH201H 2020
Tianyi TYH211U 2021
Tianyi TYH212U 2022
Jio LYF F101K.fdl
Jio LYF F271i
Jio LYF-F41T.fdl
Symphony i74
Symphony i95 G10
Tecno Spark 10C KI5M
Infinix Smart 7 HD X6516RU
Infinix Smart 6 Plus X6823
Infinix Smart 7 HD X6516
Itel A25 L5002
Itel A60 A662L
Itel P40 P662L
Itel A49 (A661L)
Itel A23 Pro L5006S
Blu Bold C2 C210
Blu G5 Plus G0190LL
Blu G6 G0210
Blu C5L 2020 C0070WW
Blu J5L J0050WW
Blu J7 J0000LL
Blu C6 2020 C230EQ
Blu C6L 2020 C0090WW

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