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HAAFEDK TOOL V 3.2 Support MTK Auth Bypass Qcom Screen lock Free

HAAFEDK TOOL V 3.2 Support MTK Auth Bypass Qcom Screen lock Free - MazGadget.com

Features Haafedk:


Within the section, there are 3 destinations 
The first face 
Hvidk hated 
info Read device information 
Remove FRP Remove the Google Account 
Power of to shut down the device 
Remove Mi account 
Wipe data Factory reset the device 
disable mi cloud is an exclusive choice to turn off the phone search app 
Apk to install any application inside the phone
Reboot to Recovery Put the device in the recovery mode
Reboot to Fastboot
Reboot to EDL 
The tool is free and the download is free
The second side of the HVidec tool
Backup / Restore 
Backup to make a copy of all device files 
Restore to recover the deleted copy from the device 
Uninstall to delete any application on the phone 
Download the hfidec tool 
The third side of the HVidec tool
FRP / Bypass
Open the browser and skip google account 
The third edition is provided free of charge

MTK (MediaTek) TOOL:

The first face FLASH to flash 
Flash any MTK device 
A full-face like the Sp tool
The second face is MTK ADDRESS
It is a face developed to do the most practical MTK processor 
User data to factory reset the device 
Mi account Bypass Xiaomi account 
Frp skip google account 
Boot ROM 
Open to protect new processors 
Like MCT
Free computer program 
Free hvidk to read scatter files information

Qualcomm Tool:

The most important sections of the tool 
The tool supports flashing in cases of the bootloader open or closed 
Watch too
The tool supports a number of companies 
Supports a range of modern devices
The tool can withdraw any will to any Qualcomm device 
Or modify files 
And the tool colors the important sections inside the device 
Skip Google Account 
Skip Xiaomi account 
Do a factory setting 
A new way to adjust and maintain applications or files 

Download Setup

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