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Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 X64 Super Lite Free Download

Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 X64 Lite - MazGadget.com

launch document: Win7Ult-SP1-SuperLite-x64.iso
length: 0.98GB
MD5: 6963A7137F92D2C14090E1EDDBF90369
CRC32: 979524D4
SHA-1: 7DF6A9B3F460C7DE9AB2959F11E5349CE02CF4AD

Language: en-US [English - United States]

equipment used:
1) Win Toolkit v1.four.47.2 for remove applications, additives, reg tweak, and vLite
remover in the vLite tab of WinToolkit AiO Integrator
2) RT Se7en Lite RC build 1.7.zero for cleanup WinToolkit which are many not complete
removed such as games, DVD Maker, home windows assist, and so forth.
three) WinReducer 7 v1.01.215 a.k.a RT7Buster for cleanup casting off lists of RT7Lite
and do away with IME
four) WinReducer 7.0 v3.00 RC 3 for entire cleanup of these tools and additionally many
removed the usage of this tool
five) oscdimg v2.56 for ISO getting to know

1) cast off packages, components, reg tweak, Speech & herbal Language the use of
WinToolkit as mention above
2) get rid of applications and additives the use of RT7Lite which aren't to be had in the
lists remover of WinToolkit
three) cleanup RT7Lite the usage of WinReducer 7 v1.01.215, also remove: IME, RT7Lite App
launcher, RT7Lite RegKey
4) complete cleanup and take away additives and reg tweak the use of WinReducer 7.0 and
also cleanup WinSxS folder, but no cleanup net Framework 35
5) eliminated manualy:
- WinToolkitRunOnce app + WinToolkitRunOnce regkey
- SortServer2003Compat.nls, SortServer2008Compat.nls, SortVistaCompat.nls in
the WindowsGlobalizationSorting folder
- additionally dispose of EFI and License which might be still left inside the:
- CEIP undertaking Scheduler lists & others inside System32TasksMicrosoftWindows
"WindowsSystem32TasksMicrosoftWindowsApplication enjoy"
"WindowsSystem32TasksMicrosoftWindowsCustomer enjoy improvement
"WindowsSystem32TasksMicrosoftWindowsTime Synchronization"
"WindowsSystem32TasksMicrosoftWindowsWindows Media Sharing"

additives/applications/functions/offerings eliminated using WinToolkit:
Australia local percent, BitLocker force Encryption, Canada nearby percent, Clips in the Library, core consumer help, DVD Maker, French, German, exceptional Britain nearby %, group coverage client Extensions, institution policy consumer gear, HomeGroup, Hyper-V network VSC driver, Hyper-V VMBUS motive force, Inbox games, Indexing provider, internet Explorer Troubleshooters, eastern, Microsoft Message Queue (MSMQ) Server, Microsoft XPS file writer, track and Video Examples, music and Video Examples (Ringtones), community Diagnostics, New Zealand local percent, OEMHelpCustomization, Offline files, Printing LocalPrinting organisation, Printing top rate gear series, far flung assistance, RemoteFX far flung client components, RemoteFX far off Server VM additives, proportion Media manage Panel, Sound topics, Spanish, device repair, Telnet customer, Telnet Server, Terminal offerings far off packages purchaser, television Tuner Drivers, united states of america local percent, digital XP Licensing rules, VirtualPC (USB), VirtualPC Licensing guidelines, home windows anytime improve consequences, home windows Backup, windows Block stage Backup, home windows system Platform, home windows restoration Disc, windows user help, windows Media center, windows Media Codec percent, windows Media Codec p.c. Encoder, home windows Media format Runtime, home windows Media player, home windows Media player DVD Registration, windows Media player network Sharing service, home windows Media player Troubleshooters, Media functions, active directory utility Mode Microsoft Agent, windows each time upgrade, home windows help (WinHlp32.exe), windows Killbits, windows repair software, home windows Sidebar Killbits

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