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Download Windows 10 Super Lite Edition x64 Size 845 MB Free

Windows 10 Super Lite Edition x64 Size 845 MB - MazGadget.com

Windows 10 Lite version based on en_windows_10_enterprise_2016_ltsb_x64_dvd_9059483.iso .
Image size is reduced 4 times compared to original iso. Save space on installation media.
It can be installed on both BIOS or UEFI, MBR or GPT formatted partitions from USB drive.
There's nothing integrated. Many files are cut but this lite Windows is still updateable.

Features removed:
Background & lockscreen
Easy of Access
Easy Transfer
Face /finger Recognition
File History
File Sharingation
MultiPoint Connector
Parental Controls
Remote Desktop
Some fonts
Speech & voice files
Storage Spaces
Web Services
Windows to Go
XPS viever and creator

Download iso file

               Link 1                     Link 2

Most of the drivers are removed -> BE READY WITH YOUR NETWORK DRIVERS after installation!

Some TWEAKS applied: This PC icon on desktop; UAC - Elevate without prompting & File open
security warning disabled; Telemetry disabled; All icons on taskbar are shown; Navigation
pane - shows all folders & expand to current folder; Photo Viewer enabled; Hidden files &
folders shown; Notepad opens nfo files; Open File Explorer to "ThisPC"; "Shortcut" suffix
removed; Windows Defender- Cloud-based protection and online samples submission disabled;
Hibernation and SwapFile disabled; Recent documents history cleared on exit; minor other.

For ACTIVATION - use your own key or some KMS offline activator you can find in internet.

Regular users shouldn't notice any difference between this lited & full-featured Windows.
This Windows is suitable to be main OS for everyday use for surfing, gaming, movies, etc.

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