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Download MTK META Utility V72 Update Work Tested

MTK META Utility V672 Update - MazGadget.com

MTK META Utility V72 & Release date - 23.12.2022.

 New Features and Enhancements :

- Added Samsung Galaxy A03 SM-A035F (BIT2) dead boot repair via (USB),
no need (JTAG/ISP/DEBUG PAC), just one click.
- I have seen a lot of people struggling to recover their bricked Samsung UniSoC devices (Especially Samsung A035F),
after flash (wrong/low-ver/downgrade/incompatible) ROM in Download Mode or (Debug/Eng) ROM (combination.PAC) in BRom mode (SPRD U2S Diag),
the device becomes completely dead, or stuck at FastBoot mode.
- My current repair method can recover the device from the both conditions.
- Just connect the device in (SPRD/BRom) mode and perform the operation.
- The repair operation is safe and don't affect on (NV/MODEM/calibration) data.
- Recommended version to flash after repair (A035FXXU2BVI8).
- Flash (U2/X2) (Debug/FAC) ROM or update your device to BIT2 Rev, if you want to try the repair procedure.
- DEBUG_USB_RECOVERY PAC files available everywhere, you can download from (Infinity/Pandora) support.
and flash with any SPD tool. After FW update, the device will stuck at Fastboot mode,
in case if you flash with any tool, make sure to un-tick (SPLLoaderUFS) partition,
you will need to re-connect in BRom mode, and recover with our software.
- After repair boot with our software, just flash the device with ODIN using Samsung factory firmware, recommended version to flash after repair (A035FXXU2BVI8) or higher.

- After flash Debug Binaries (Eng/Dev ROM) in BootROM mode,
you can Unlock & Relock the Bootloader easily via Fatsboot cmd,
using the following commands in Fatsboot mode :
- fastboot.exe oem unlock.
- fastboot.exe flashing lock.

 Bug Fixes :
- Random crashes while (searching/connection) to COM ports.
- Some (GUI/Internal) functions optimized.

 Phased out (G-Lock disable tasks) :
- For a legal issues, we don't do these operations anymore.
- my main aim of creating this software is to help people (recover/fix) their (&OWN&) devices legally only.

Download mtk utility
Pass = mtk_meta_utility

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